Plans to Prepare Your Jet Ski For Summer

Because you should not have too much trouble getting it running again. However, if you do not (and who is to say they always do what they know they do?) You might have some problems. Run the tip of your finger up and down the fuel line. Very sure that there are no cracks in it. Also check that there are no areas where cracks may develop (an area that has worn thin over the winter). Once you do that, do the same checks on the cooling lines to check them survive well.

Task 2: General Cleaning

Leave your jet ski to sit during winter will likely mean that it will have some cobwebs, dust and other detritus on it. Give outside the jet ski was good once over. In particular, check the exhaust is completely clear.

Task 3: Check the Spark Plug

Busi of jet ski you are very susceptible to humidity. After being left for the winter, there is a fair chance that rust may have developed in this area. Please look good on tedious to check that this does not happen.

Task 4: Carburetor Check

Dust is the main enemy during the winter months when it comes to the carburetor. Be sure to remove the dust to ensure that your machine is not damaged.

Task 5: The Gas Tank

How many of the problems you face with this stage depends on how thoroughly the jet ski is winterized. Empty the fuel tank and run some fresh fuel through the engine. You may find that some areas of blockage. Hopefully, walk through the new fuel will repel them. If the clogged area in need of a little extra work, try adding some of the STA-BIL to give extra will end.

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